Real fake flowers from Amsterdam Netherlands
Real fake flowers from Amsterdam Netherlands

Forever Flowers: an Amsterdam Story

“Get to know our sophisticated collection of high-end Artificial Flowers, where nature meets sustainability. The perfect blend of timeless beauty and customization”

Our faux flower bouquets and arrangements are crafted with utmost precision, mirroring the splendor of real flowers. Each petal and stem is designed to capture the essence of natural blooms, ensuring enduring elegance.

We offer the art of personalization, allowing you to create bespoke bouquets and arrangements tailored to your unique preferences. Select your favorite blooms, colors, and vase styles to make your vision come to life.

Stay ahead of the curve with our limited edition arrangements that change with the latest trends and seasons. Embrace the beauty of the seasons all year round with the most captivating florals.

For those who seek instant enchantment, we present a curated selection of ready-to-go bouquets. These designs are meticulously crafted to bring a touch of nature’s charm into your home, hassle-free

With Love and Passion, To Create and Inspire.

Bringing Luxurious, Luscious, Conscious and True-to-Nature Flowers to Europe and the Middle East.
Discover a world where your floral dreams are realized, where elegance meets personalization, and where the essence of every season is captured in breathtaking faux flowers.

House for Flowers: Where Nature Meets Sustainability

We want to inspire people to choose for a unique and sustainable option, where flower art and nature unite. Offering our signature, high-end, long lasting Faux Flowers that will bring happiness and uniqueness to any home, office, shop, restaurant or event.
Their long-lasting lives make them ready for the future. Are you ready for Forever?

House for Flowers: Where Nature Meets Sustainability

“We want you to fall in love with our stunning faux flower creations.
We think they are fabulous and we are convinced that you will too.

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